Global Game: Comes with Portable Store


1999 Chapters
74 Readers
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1999 Chapters · 74 Readers
3.3(3 reviews)
Author:Sha Mo Zhong De Hua Duo

Novel Summary

【Global game starts】 [First round, low-level zombie doomsday] 【Put all humans in the target world】 [Mission: Survive for thirty days and accumulate 1,000 points] ・・・・・・ Su Changxing’s eyes turned dark and he came to a dilapidated city. Outside the door was a zombie that could break in at any time. He was terminally ill and fell into absolute danger, and accidentally discovered the point discount store in his mobile phone. . The fate of everyone has been reshuffled, and the rules of the world have been disrupted and recast.


TitleGlobal Game: Comes with Portable Store
Raw Title全球游戏:附带随身商店
Addition DateJanuary 18, 2023
AuthorSha Mo Zhong De Hua Duo
Weekly Rank#2465
Monthly Rank#1145
All Time Rank#518
TagsApocalypse,Game Elements,Male Protagonist