My Talent Is Really Average


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574 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Re Xin De San Lao Shi

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Yanagawa was helpless, my cultivation talent was really average. You are cultivating, but I am leveling. Every time the host breaks through, the system will be upgraded, bringing new functions. After coming to this world, Liuchuan just wanted to upgrade quietly, but he didn’t want good people to hide even if they wanted to hide. “Soul Lord?” What kind of talent skill is this, Liu Chuan looked at his natural talent and fell into deep thought.


TitleMy Talent Is Really Average
Raw Title我真的天赋一般
Addition DateJanuary 22, 2023
AuthorRe Xin De San Lao Shi
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TagsGame Ranking System,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Modern Day,Overpowered Protagonist,Previous Life Talent,Slow Growth at Start