My Debauched Devotion我的孝心变质了

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319 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Da Si Bu Ge

Novel Summary

Xiao Ran traveled to the Continent of True Spirit and became a direct disciple of Ling Zhouyue, a generation of beauty in the cultivation world, bound to the [strongest filial piety system], and filial piety to the master can become stronger. Three meals a day are cherished and delicious, and even find a beautiful fairy to talk to Master…He is either doing his filial piety, or on the road to doing his filial piety. Until one day, the master who wanted to take advantage of the apprentice realized that he had been sacked by the apprentice and scolded him with a blushing face: “Evil disciples, your devotion is debauched!”


TitleMy Debauched Devotion
Raw Title我的孝心变质了
Addition DateJanuary 23, 2023
AuthorDa Si Bu Ge
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