After the Doomsday Rebirth, My Whole Family is Big Brother末日重生后我全家都是大佬

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919 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Chu Tian De Bai Yan

Novel Summary

Bai Xilu died after only three years of survival in the last days. Before returning to the end of the world, he accidentally opened the portable space, which also included ancient mountains and seas. Unexpectedly, this time, the whole family became big brothers. Before the end of the world- Bai Yifan asked his sister, “Do you dream that the end times are coming? How am I?” “You don’t run as fast as our parents, fortunately-the fat water does not flow into the outsiders’ fields!” Bai Xiran’s face was calm. Bai Yifan:? ? ? After the end of the world- The enchanter White Mother waved her hand, and the zombies were scorched by the Thunder Element’s ability, and the white mother frowned subconsciously, “I really want to give them some makeup!” Grandma Bai, who was a forensic doctor, calmly digs the crystal core, “It has a protruding jaw, and it looks like a lot of sky at first glance, and it doesn’t look good to touch up makeup.” Bai Yifan shook his hands and held the sack to collect the crystal nuclei, and he did not cry firmly. The people’s teacher Grandpa Bai and Father Bai, a gold medal lawyer, started to burn oil, used the strongest abilities, suffered the most venomous beatings, and cooked the best meal. The mountain and sea monsters with stunts—— Kinhara, who was rubbed against the ground by Bai Xiu: “Master, today you look as gentle and kind as before!” Taowu: “Let let, prevent me from drying clothes for the master.” Shui Yao: “Come here, use my tie tree as a clothesline.” Cold Night and White—— Leng Yebai has always dreamed recently that he was sliced ​​experimentally, and that there was a delicate girl who was sliced ​​together. I always thought it was a dream, until one day, the person in the dream appeared in front of him.


TitleAfter the Doomsday Rebirth, My Whole Family is Big Brother
Raw Title末日重生后我全家都是大佬
Addition DateFebruary 2, 2023
AuthorChu Tian De Bai Yan
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TagsComplex Family Relationships,Familial Love,Farming,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Magical Space,Special Abilities,Zombies