Rebirth of the Zombie King: Abducting a Human Bun


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548 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Qiao Yun Yun

Novel Summary

The zombie emperor who was designed and sold into the laboratory in the previous life was reborn before the end of life. In this life, she wants the people who framed her in the previous life to be tortured. In this life, she wants human beings to no longer exist in the world. In this life, huh? That human being, what do you always do with this zombie emperor? A certain powerhouse pouted aggrievedly: “My wife, I will help you occupy the galaxy!”


TitleRebirth of the Zombie King: Abducting a Human Bun
Raw Title丧尸皇重生:拐个人类生包子
Addition DateMay 25, 2023
AuthorQiao Yun Yun
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TagsAnti-social Protagonist,Apocalypse,Beautiful Female Lead,Calm Protagonist,Cunning Protagonist,Evolution,Family Conflict,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Jealousy,Love at First Sight,Love Interest Falls in Love First,Non-humanoid Protagonist,Obsessive Love,Possessive Characters,Power Couple,Reincarnated as a Monster,Revenge,Second Chance,Skill Assimilation,Special Abilities,Strong to Stronger,Zombies