Global Deity: From Zerg Believer to Pluralism


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409 Chapters · 48 Readers
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Lu Yuan, who played games all night, traveled to a super-fantasy + super-sci-fi world where everyone can become a god, ignite the fire, and condense the gods. At the beginning of the game, he was deceived by the good brother of the intermediate resource card, and he also chose the desert worm that only multiplied and had no attack power as a believer. Fortunately, activating the small auxiliary start of the system allowed the desert worm to mutate Desert worm + nest gene = nest larva Nest Larva + Ripper’s Blood = Ripper Zergling Ripper Zergling + Demon Gene = Demon Ripper Demon ripper + sneak fragment + god gene = god killer … When Lu Yuan swept time and space with countless zerg armies, the multiverse trembled.


  • Global Deity: From Zerg Believer to Pluralism
  • 全球神袛:从虫族信徒到多元主宰(1-815)
Addition DateMarch 5, 2023
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