Hogwarts Everything is Three


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1625 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Tong Tang

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1. Plot: Alan Harris is reborn in the HP world, trying to reform wizard education and breaking the “Secrecy Act”-in the end, the boss is not Voldemort, but another character that exists in the original book. 2. Style: This article is not really systematic. According to the HP style, the development of the story is darker than each. 3. Features: Everything is three. JK Rowling uses 7 as a special number. In this article, 3 is a magic number. Everything returns to the circle, things are cyclic, and in the torrent of time, everything has a cause. 4. The author is writing a book for the first time, and the writing is naive.


TitleHogwarts Everything is Three
Raw Title霍格沃茨万事皆三
Addition DateFebruary 7, 2023
AuthorTong Tang
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