Use the XP System To Build the Devil City用xp系统打造魔王城

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582 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Da Xiong Mao

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Li Muran got the chance to cross. God also promised to give Li Muran the reliable, normal, and well-known system he wanted. What about after crossing? Other people’s systems are normal, but Li Muran’s system is… xp? Is it pirated? This is the system, and it also meets Li Muran’s requirements. But this system is not that system. Is there a worse crossing than this? Li Muran just thought frustrated, the devil suddenly fell from the sky. “Hand over the most powerful brave among you.” The others pointed to Li Muran neatly. “it’s him.”


TitleUse the XP System To Build the Devil City
Raw Title用xp系统打造魔王城
Addition DateMarch 9, 2023
AuthorDa Xiong Mao
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TagsBlack Belly,Comedic Undertone,Cunning Protagonist,Fantasy Creatures,Kingdom Building,Magic,Magical Technology,Male Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Multiple POV,Ruthless Protagonist,Secret Identity,System