I Just Want To Deliver a Normal Takeaway


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543 Chapters · 36 Readers
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Author:Nong Yao Nong Yao NOYA

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The introduction is difficult, please try Chen Feng, Celestial Traveler, Ordinary Takeaway, Neon High School Student. The causal system is successfully upgraded, and the takeaway system is loaded··· People? Suddenly feel that the force is down. Is this the legendary reverse escalation? System dispatching… ‘Wraith spirit appears at Xuexia Mansion, address XXX, request: send the spirit spirit away from Xuexia Mansion, remarks: none, do you accept the order? Delivery order completion reward: storage weapon box (volume 5m3), AR15 automatic Rifle, 500 rounds of M855a1 ammunition, some cash” The daughter of the former British diplomat in Neon, Eiri Sawamura, was kidnapped. The address was XXX. The request: Ensure the safety of the target hostages and escort them away. Remarks: Add more coriander and no green onions. Do you accept the order? Completion rewards for sending orders: the ability to go back in time for 5 seconds (once a day), Beretta M92F pistol, 300 rounds of 9X19mm pistol ammunition, and a lot of cash’ ‘ A terrorist appeared on the private Toyonosaki campus, address XXX, request: send the terrorist to see God, remarks: apple pie, do you accept the order? Send the order completion reward: quack doctor’s medical kit (once a day, can heal any degree of injury Disease), the power of Long Yin’ Are you telling me this is for delivery?


TitleI Just Want To Deliver a Normal Takeaway
Raw Title我只想送个正常的外卖(全本)
Addition DateMarch 26, 2023
AuthorNong Yao Nong Yao NOYA
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TagsAdopted Children,Firearms,Magical Space,Male Protagonist,Near-Death Experience,Orphans,Protagonist Strong from the Start,R-18,Sharp-tongued Characters,System