Looking Forward to Another World


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1148 Chapters · 62 Readers
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"—"Instructions for Using the Dimensional Rubik's Cube"—" "One: The Dimensional Rubik's Cube can automatically absorb the energy that exists in the dimension. Once a month, you can randomly open the dimensional channel for dimensional shuttle." "Two: The Dimensional Rubik's Cube has the function of transforming the power of different dimensions, which can be opened and used at any time." "Three: The Rubik's Cube has a built-in storage space, which can be opened and used at any time." "Four:......" This is the story of a man who once couldn't choose his future and vowed to live for himself in this life. Carrying the Dimensional Rubik's Cube, Li Ge came to the different world of sword and magic, wandering in various dimensions, hoping to be redeemed in the different world. (PS: Six full-length novels have been completed: "Girl's Great Summoning", "All-round Fantasy", "Unlimited Death", "Summoner of Miracles", "The Demon King Doesn't Have to Be Defeated", "I Obviously Just Want to Be a Dragon" , the total number of words is more than 20 million, and the number of writing days is more than 3000 days. It is updated with integrity, and you can rest assured to eat it.)


  • Looking Forward to Another World
  • 期待在异世界
Addition DateMarch 15, 2023
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TagsMale Protagonist,Transmigration,World Travel