The Peerless Tang Sect's Jingtian Douluo


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419 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Shi Xiong Shi

Novel Summary

In the God Realm, a big drama is unfolding... "...Tongtong," the God King shouted with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. "Shut up! My name is Wang Donger!" Wang Donger's tone was cold. "...Dong'er, everything Dad did was for you!" The God King was heartbroken. "For me? It's also for me that I split my soul in half?" Wang Dong'er said in a mocking tone. "That's to increase your chances of becoming a god!" The God King cried blood. "Forcing me to commit suicide is also for me? Forcing Yuhao to commit suicide is also for me?" "This... is to test you!" "Hehe..." Wang Dong'er sneered, "From now on, I will break off any friendship with you, and I will no longer be father and daughter!" "..." "This is a good show!" The gods onlookers said.


TitleThe Peerless Tang Sect's Jingtian Douluo
Raw Title绝世唐门之靖天斗罗
Addition DateMarch 20, 2023
AuthorShi Xiong Shi
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All Time Rank#551
TagsCollege/University,Dragons,Male Protagonist,Douluo Dalu