Douluo: Rebirth of Clear Sky Hammer


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764 Chapters · 9 Readers
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When Li Hao was reborn, due to an operating error, he became the first soul beast in mainland history, the Clear Sky Hammer. He reborn the Clear Sky Hammer, living from the unique perspective of the soul beast, and gradually understood the source of the soul beast’s pain. In the end, the slogan “The soul beast will never form a ring!” sounded in the Star Dou Great Forest. Here, the cute soul beast is his adjustment, the cruel beast is his little brother, and the world of King’s Landing is his goal, and the peerless powerhouses regard him as the best spirit ring. The so-called battle has never been the fancy of you and me, but a hammer between life and death. If the fruit is not enough, let’s have another hammer!


  • Douluo: Rebirth of Clear Sky Hammer
  • 斗罗之重生昊天锤
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