The Baby is Charming, the President Circles the Love


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[Text ending] He slept well at home, but when he woke up, he lay on his bed for no reason. “Miss Song, please come with us to the police station!” “Why, why?” “Someone reported that you were in Yueli Hotel…” Huo Junyao, your soul is weak! This is the story of a domineering and arrogant man who chasing his wife after realizing it! The heroine is weak, kind and not naive, 1V1 is particularly clean in body and mind, big pet and small abuse, and the quality is guaranteed. ****** Huo Junyao, 30 years old, the only heir of the top giant Huo family, the business myth of the H city, is also a drug that Song Qianying has been unable to quit since she was 18 years old. At the wife selection banquet, he was like an emperor, arrogant and indifferent, but he was the one who found her in the corner at first sight, and directly appointed: “This woman, I want it!” Since then, she was forced to be his wife, she loved him as before, but he hated her to the bone. He once said to her: “Song Qianying, I will let you repay the pain you put on her a hundredfold!” He also once said to her: “Don’t be afraid, there is me!” In the end, he said, “I don’t want anyone but you!” When she turned around, she burst into tears… Fragment: A certain woman picked up a pen and smeared her name on the divorce agreement. As everyone knew, the thin sheets of A4 paper were quickly torn to shreds by the man. “Huo Junyao, don’t go too far!” The man raised his eyebrows, his tall body bullied her up, and forced her to the corner, “Five years ago, did you steal my things, eh?” “Where, how can there be!” The woman who was said to be the central thing was instantly short of breath. “No? Then why is my heart gone?” huh— Fortunately, he didn’t know… Hey, his heart? A certain woman was stunned, and the man’s domineering lips instantly fell… ***** Recommend the concluding article “Sweet wife is moving, domineering president is very affectionate”, the male protagonist has zero negative comments, and there is also a super cute little Zhengtai! There are also two other old articles, “Devil President, Stay Out of the Way” and “Aojiao Drives, President Don’t Make a Trouble”, which are also pet articles with a clean body and mind!

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  • The Baby is Charming, the President Circles the Love
  • 宝贝迷人,总裁圈住爱
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