Study Days at Hogwarts


1530 Chapters
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1530 Chapters · 26 Readers
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Author:Jian Pan Shang De Lan Mao

Novel Summary

Albert never had any big ambitions. He always thought of himself as a salted fish. After rebirth, he even opened the golden finger of the panel. This is a proper way to become a winner in life. Just when Albert was planning to make a salted fish with a goal, the owl sent an invitation letter from Hogwarts, and he realized that he had traveled to the world of Harry Potter novels. Now, Albert is thinking about how to become a salted fish with dreams in the magic world. (Daily articles, for fans, not dedicated to alchemy, please ignore the title of the book, if you have any questions, please refer to the relevant works.)  Book Friends Group: 181770793


TitleStudy Days at Hogwarts
Raw Title在霍格沃茨读书的日子
Addition DateMay 28, 2023
AuthorJian Pan Shang De Lan Mao
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TagsCunning Protagonist,Famous Protagonist,Genius Protagonist,Hard-Working Protagonist,Magic,Magic Beasts,Male Protagonist,Romantic Subplot,Ruthless Protagonist,Selfish Protagonist,Transmigration,Younger Sisters,Harry Potter