Sweet Seduction! Attractive Wife Sets Fire to Mr. Ji’s Heart


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296 Chapters · 9 Readers
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[Sweet Pet + Book Transmigration + Entertainment Circle + Mind Reading Skills] Shen Wanwan accidentally transmigrated into a certain domineering president’s novel and became the protagonist’s agreed wife. As a small money fan who loves money like her life, Shen Wanwan agreed for the sake of money. She thought that as long as she was Mrs. Ji for one year according to the agreement, she would be able to get a divorce with money and live a carefree life. But he didn’t expect to get the golden finger mind-reading ability by accident, and discovered that the domineering president actually hides a little chatterbox in his heart. 【If this woman treats me like a baby and asks me to stay for dinner, I can’t help but agree…】 [Oh, this dress is so beautiful, I really like it, no, I can’t show it on my face, I can’t make this woman too proud! 】 … Ji Jinxian originally thought that he just found an agreement wife, and once the agreement was reached, the two of them would be able to break up. But I didn’t expect to be gradually attracted by this little woman’s every move, and my heart fell unconsciously. “Wanwan, I have a piece of clothing that I have bought too much, and I will give it to you.” Ji Jinxian pretended to be cold and handed over the couple’s outfit, but in fact he was extremely nervous. “Wanwan, I have a banquet to attend tonight. I mean, if it’s inconvenient for you, you don’t have to accompany me.” “Wanwan, I heard from my assistant that there is a popular variety show recently, and it seems that couples are on it together…” On the surface, Ji Jinxian was as steady as an old dog, but in his heart he shouted countless times: “He wants to go.” [PS: On the surface, there is a talkative boss VS who listens to the boss every day and tries not to laugh out loud. 】


  • Sweet Seduction! Attractive Wife Sets Fire to Mr. Ji’s Heart
  • 甜诱!奶香娇妻在季少心上纵火
Addition DateJune 6, 2023
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