From Sidekick to Bigshot


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1466 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Er Feng Chong

Novel Summary

Cannon fodder female partner Jian Yiling has turned into a hidden boss, not only has no interest in the male lead, but also can blind everyone’s eyes with a dazzling cross at any time. The Jian family brothers who originally hated Jian Yiling even took turns to stage the show of protecting the calf: Jian Yujie: “My little girl is timid, don’t scare her anymore.” Jian Yumin: “My little girl has never been far away, so don’t cheat her.” Jian Yunmo: “My little girl is in poor health, don’t bully her.” Everyone wants to cry without tears, are you sure that your big guy is soft and cute? Who dares to bully her! Everyone thought that the Jane’s brother was too much, but in the end there was another one even more: Master Sheng: “My family Yiling is very squeamish and can’t bear it. If you give your master a madness, your master will chop you up to make soup for her.” Everyone: Master Sheng, you have a problem with your eyes! Recommended to see ophthalmology


TitleFrom Sidekick to Bigshot
Raw Title女配她成了大佬
Addition DateSeptember 4, 2022
AuthorEr Feng Chong
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TagsApathetic Protagonist,Complex Family Relationships,Doting Older Siblings,Doting Parents,Female Protagonist,Genius Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Medical Knowledge,Scientists,Transmigration,Wealthy Characters