Blast! The Group Favorite Fake Daughter Was Spoiled By the Film King and Cried


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2597 Chapters · 12 Readers
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[1v1 Shuangjie + Chuanshu + Guwu + Vest Group Pet + Metaphysics + Full text overhead] Gu Zhiqi transmigrated into a vicious female supporting role The heroine is the real daughter with vests all over the place, she is the fake daughter who occupies the magpie’s nest, keeps framing the heroine, and finally receives the box lunch miserably Gu Zhiqi: Wearing books can’t stop me from retirement! Of course, you can’t wear books, but you can be poor Master Zhi was forced to open for business! … #burst! Gu Zhiqi, the fake daughter of the Gu family, was kicked out of the house and acted as a magic stick under the overpass to cheat money# The style of the protagonist group is starting to go wrong Brother Gu: Lack of money? This neighborhood sends you Second brother Gu: Second brother will give you an entertainment company Third Sister Gu: I just made 100 million yuan, keep it Fourth Brother Gu: Master’s Champions Cup prize money, take it The heroine of the money fan: Lack of money? Pick whatever color card you like Brother: come back to inherit the family property Gu Zhiqi “…” Huh? What about the villainous supporting actress script? … #burst! The Gu family are all leaders in the industry, and the fake daughter is nothing but a face# Then, bigwigs from all walks of life called Boss No. 1: Is the ancestral site of our alliance better than the Fengshui under the flyover? Master Gu, think again? Big Brother No. 2: Lack of money? Think about your last order Boss No. 3: Have time to tell fortunes, but no time to write papers? Boss No. 4: Miss Gu, I have an operation here, look… … Gu Zhiqi: I have read it, I am in retirement, please do not disturb A movie star: You just used my account Gu Zhiqi who cheated enough money to prepare for retirement “…”? !


  • Blast! The Group Favorite Fake Daughter Was Spoiled By the Film King and Cried
  • 惊爆!团宠假千金被影帝大佬宠哭
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