On the parent-child variety show, wealthy parents begged for forgiveness


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285 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Gu Zhi, the youngest Quan Qi Ying Queen, has time-traveled and transmigrated onto the body of the silly white sweet real daughter she is about to play. Originally, the original owner who would be able to ascend as soon as he regained his status as the real daughter, insisted on turning himself into a black tea on the Internet, and finally ended up being betrayed by all relatives, and no one collected his body when he died. On the parent-child variety show, the family accompanied the daughter on leave and did not recognize her on the show. Mother: I don't have a daughter like you, Yiyi is my daughter. Brother: You quit the entertainment circle, make way for Yiyi, and I will let you go home. Gu Zhi: ... who cares. I brought my adoptive parents with excellent labor force and my adoptive brothers with potential stocks from all walks of life to put on a variety show, isn't it delicious! ! As a result, Gu Zhi's family, who had been scolded to the point of quitting the circle, suddenly exploded. Fan 1: Damn! Gu Zhi, this woman has such good acting skills! Singing and dancing are so amazing! Playing games is fucking 6 to flying, what else can she not know! ! ? Fan 2: Woohoo, I know what kind of fairy parents these are! Absolutely, today is also a day when I was moved to tears by the relationship between the fairy father and daughter/mother and daughter. Fan 3: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh brother Zhizhi is so handsome! The second brother also wants to marry! The third brother has this figure, I can sizzle for a year! Fifth brother, I can't wait/shy/shy When Gu Zhi stood on the podium with the highest gold content in the industry and received the best actress award that everyone expected, her parents and brothers who were awakened all blocked the way and begged for forgiveness. But he was ruthlessly blasted out by the boss boss: You know it's our Qin family, don't mess with porcelain. That night, when Qi Yingdi, who was half-retired from the circle, officially announced the heroine of the new play, he deliberately @Gu Zhi: I'm sorry, it's already Qi's family. The whole network:! ! ! ? ? ?


  • On the parent-child variety show, wealthy parents begged for forgiveness
  • 亲子综艺上,豪门父母跪地求原谅
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