I just want to be lazy, I was forced to become Hokage


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467 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Xin Xi Jiao Liu

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In the ninja world, immortals are rampant. Nara Nangui just wants to be a ninja casually, make some money casually, and live a life of peace and happiness. Damn, but... There are so many people who want him to be the Fifth Hokage! hateful! Hokage asked me to do it, how can I do it! —— There are already two high-quality novels completed, with guaranteed quality. Readers, masters, please rest assured to collect and read. The boutique "Pirate: I Loaded the Game Panel" has a high order of 140,000. The big boutique "This Pirate Relies on Justice" has a high order of 27,000.


TitleI just want to be lazy, I was forced to become Hokage
Raw Title只想偷懒的我被迫成了火影
Addition DateJuly 6, 2023
AuthorXin Xi Jiao Liu
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TagsLazy Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Transmigration,Naruto