Special Forces: Starting With a Full-level Gun Technique


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551 Chapters · 24 Readers
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Author:Ling Li San Chi

Novel Summary

Journey through the combined world of the Special Forces series and become the acknowledged bad soldier of the Iron Fist? Don’t panic! The “Strongest Individual Soldier System” is here to help. Every time you upgrade a level, not only will your body be strengthened, but you can also acquire super skills. At the beginning, you will activate the S-level shooting skills, which will amaze the audience and overwhelm everyone! Thus, a vanguard that made the heads of state tremble was born… He Chenguang: “Did you practice martial arts from the womb?” High school team: “He is the scariest individual soldier I have ever seen, bar none!” Lei Zhan: “It’s unlucky. In his hands, I’m like a three-year-old child. I can’t beat it! I can’t beat it!” He Zhijun: “Xiao Lin, the future of Langya is in your hands, I will retire early!”


TitleSpecial Forces: Starting With a Full-level Gun Technique
Raw Title特种兵:开局抽取满级神枪术
Addition DateJuly 13, 2023
AuthorLing Li San Chi
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TagsMale Protagonist,System