The Strongest Reincarnation Boss


396 Chapters
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396 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Ying Tu

Novel Summary

Traveling to the mysterious world coincides with a weird eruption. Lu Fan, who was planning to stay home, suddenly discovered that four reincarnation actors had come to his home, and even his dear wife had been replaced. Only then did he understand that he turned out to be an NPC in the reincarnation world, a dragon set specially used to give missions to reincarnation actors! ! ! How can this make him tolerate! ! ! PS: This is an inspirational story of being forced to become a reincarnation actor, and going further and further on the road of actors, eventually becoming the strongest reincarnation actor.


TitleThe Strongest Reincarnation Boss
Raw Title最强轮回大佬
Addition DateJuly 15, 2023
AuthorYing Tu
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All Time Rank#4531
TagsComedic Undertone,Lack of Common Sense,Multiple Identities,Overpowered Protagonist,Pregnancy,System,Transmigration