My players are all acting


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378 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Qing Shan Qu Zui

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The "Sequencer's Notes", which was suddenly exposed on all the world's top news websites and social networking sites, led to an epoch-making virtual reality game. Game name: "Dark Sands" Game type: Oriental magic historical theme, role-playing game with a certain degree of difficulty like soul and pigeon-like gameplay. Recruitment requirements for closed beta players: good mentality, quick response, strong heart and strong ability to withstand stress, certain historical knowledge, and good physical fitness. The most important thing is: excellent acting skills, preferably at the actor level! Special reward: Among the closed beta players, those who have the best simulation clearance results can go to the ultimate test. After the film is perfect, they will meet the public in the form of a movie and realize your dream of being an actor! Players complained one after another, never seen a game with such a high threshold! They don't know that their every move in the game will really affect history and reality.


TitleMy players are all acting
Raw Title我的玩家都是演技派
Addition DateJuly 17, 2023
AuthorQing Shan Qu Zui
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