A Genius and a God Fell In Love


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289 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Ding! Welcome to the game of the gods~ The New Year’s bell rings, the world has changed… In a perilous, terrifying and thrilling game, you will survive if you pass through the barriers and you will die if you fail. This is a real survival game at the cost of life. … Nangongnan’s teammates all know that this young, thin and slender girl is a sick child. To survive all the way, it all depends on the kind help and luck of his teammates. Until one day, they saw the little girl holding the monster’s head with her hands and twisting it off with a “click”. Player: I don’t know why, they think this little girl is more terrifying compared to monsters… At this moment, the murderous little girl suddenly fell to the ground weak and was caught by a pair of arms in time. The little girl coughed weakly, and she pulled the sleeve of the man weakly and said: she almost died again. Fortunately, her teammate saved me. Teammate: …It turns out that this is how our title of “kindness” came from. … The players who teamed up with Nangong South felt that this little girl was a Koi carp. Obviously, three steps, one cough, five steps, and one shake, but it is always possible to turn danger into a breeze. Even the gods are full of compassion for her. How can I think that this girl is brave, deceives the sky and deceives the game, and deceives the body and mind of the gods? ! ! All players: The boss is calm, it’s immoral to eat and be irresponsible. Nangongnan: Seriously, we are playing horror games, not love games. … Nangongnan: Only I am playing games seriously. Shenming Heren: Only I am serious about falling in love.


  • A Genius and a God Fell In Love
  • 开挂大佬在生存游戏装萌新
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