Strange Era: An exclusive talent every month


381 Chapters
49 Readers
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381 Chapters · 49 Readers
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Author:Wan Nian Lao Zu

Novel Summary

A virtual online game called "Strange Era" came to reality, and the world suddenly fell into chaos, and various places fell into strange regions. Everyone plays a different identity, conquers the game, and obtains the rules and characteristics of a hundred flowers blooming. According to exclusive talents and different career routes, formulate strategy routes. Players draw exclusive talents every month to open a random list. Only the top one in the list can inherit the exclusive talent from last month. What? Worst class start on hell difficulty? Encountered the most difficult copy in history? Feel sorry! The leaderboard takes turns, but the number one is definitely mine! When the game started, the cheater Chen Ye chose a completely different strategy route, subverting everyone's imagination!


TitleStrange Era: An exclusive talent every month
Raw Title诡异纪元:每月一个专属天赋
Addition DateAugust 6, 2023
AuthorWan Nian Lao Zu
Weekly Rank#605
Monthly Rank#449
All Time Rank#695
TagsCheats,Earth Invasion,Male Protagonist,Virtual Reality