Interstellar Farmer


445 Chapters
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445 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:San Shao De Dao

Novel Summary

Farming can make a fortune, and farming can also make you rich! When the people on earth staggered out of the planet, thinking that the new era of the universe was coming, they found that there were many civilizations in the universe, and there had been a strict division of civilizations. List. Pride, pride, disappeared without a trace at this moment, the earth civilization is just a brick at the bottom of the civilization pyramid. Primitive people, low-level people, these shameful hats are worn on their heads one after another. Where is the future, where is the hope? Is it really possible to catch up with the top of the civilization that has developed for millions of years? It is possible, because of the farmer Han Zhen, everything is possible!


TitleInterstellar Farmer
Raw Title星际农民
Addition DateAugust 17, 2023
AuthorSan Shao De Dao
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TagsFarming,Male Protagonist,Outer Space