Blessed Daughter


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Wei Ruo, the miraculous doctor, was the female supporting role in the book. She was left in the countryside for ten years and was not cared about until she was thirteen years old. Seeing that she only knows how to grow flowers and grass and food all day long, everyone thinks that she is a peasant woman. As the female supporting role among the true and false daughters, Wei Ruo doesn't want to fall in love with the male lead, nor does she want to compete with the female lead for favor. She only cares about making money, making money, making money! When the fake daughter was still worried that the return of Wei Ruo, the real daughter, would affect her status, Wei Ruo had already silently saved a small treasury. When the fake daughter was still trying to attract the male lead's attention, Wei Ruo had already become a rich man. If you want money and money, you need food and food, and one shop after another is opened. Later, her brother became the chief assistant, her father became the general, and the one sitting on the dragon chair was her husband.


  • Blessed Daughter
  • 千金有福
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