Sister reported me for voyeurism? Sorry i'm blind


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221 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Tian Luo Gu Gu

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Yang Jinrong, who majored in law for two and a half years, never imagined that he just happened to pass by the girls' dormitory, and was slandered as a voyeur by a senior sister who shot a video and posted it on Weibo. The senior sister even pointed out that she suffered from depression because of this, which seriously affected the mentality of the postgraduate entrance examination, and asked the school leaders to recommend graduate students, "Girls don't joke about their innocence!" Facing the pressure from school leaders, thousands of Internet users, and being sent wreaths to Yang Jinrong, he endured it all the time, "I'm sorry, I'm blind!" The senior sister was aggressive, "How do blind people go to school?! They're lying to ghosts! I've called the police, and I'll go to jail!" But when the police arrived, it was the senior who was taken away. Yang Jinrong no longer held back and sued. The court insisted: "Insulting, spreading rumors, defamation, personal assault, invasion of privacy, stepping on the sewing machine is your fault... The final destination!" The whole network is reversed, Internet thugs, wreath senders, and superstars with tens of millions of fans, don't even think about running away!


TitleSister reported me for voyeurism? Sorry i'm blind
Raw Title学姐举报我偷窥?抱歉,我是盲人
Addition DateAugust 27, 2023
AuthorTian Luo Gu Gu
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TagsBlind Protagonist,Male Protagonist