Being a bug in a survival game


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1119 Chapters · 20 Readers
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Su Tingyu was selected by a survival game that appeared out of nowhere and became an ordinary beta player. Original game style: The alternating hot and cold human life; Dreaming back to childhood hunting festival; Bloody carnival of underground beast fighting; A cold and mechanical island prison... Su Tingyu’s painting style after coming to the game: Player: Damn it! ∑(☉Д☉;) Dungeon boss: Don’t come over! O(〒﹏〒)O Dungeon Administrator: It's just a crash of the dungeon, it's not a big problem... what the hell! (# ̄m ̄) Game Invigilator: The identification is complete, this player is poisonous! (▼へ▼メ) … CP: Su Tingyu × Qin Lin [Big fish eats Qiqi, deceives, abducts... coaxes? 】 PS: The female protagonist is a bug, a copy killer, and a cheating fairy; the male protagonist has disabled legs, a brain disease, and is pitiful in reality; all members of the protagonist group are "evil", professional in doing things, and have a lot of fun; the survival game has unlimited streaming, The writing style is light-hearted and slightly funny; the main plot is fictional, and there are many private settings. Please do not go into it in depth. [The new book "Beast Control Starts from Inheriting Inheritance" is being serialized, please collect it~]


  • Being a bug in a survival game
  • 在生存游戏当BUG
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