Game of Thrones: Battle Royale Game


407 Chapters
8 Readers
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407 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Jun Jian Yi Nuo

Novel Summary

This is a battle royale game set in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. Ian suffered from the withdrawal of his agreed ally and had to fight alone from the beginning. At this time, no player knows that the guy who seems to have a low chance of winning will become a nightmare for all of them. ... Junlin: What? Did he blow up the dragon's lair? Pentos: What? Did he abduct Long Ma? Slaver's Bay: What? Will the emperor return like lightning? Volantis: Make Volantis great again! ... ... Ian: The Iron Throne? Throw that broken chair out and give me a comfortable one. ... Hey, hey, we promised you the escape game, how did you become the king of kings?


TitleGame of Thrones: Battle Royale Game
Raw Title权游:逃杀游戏
Addition DateSeptember 28, 2023
AuthorJun Jian Yi Nuo
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All Time Rank#3541
TagsGame Elements,Magic,Male Protagonist