Horror Resurgence: Ma’am, Please Respect My Profession


360 Chapters
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360 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Dong Men Fei Xue

Novel Summary

Su Bai, who entered the horror game, obtained all-professional talents, which could light up the underworld professions. Ghost teacher, ghost doctor, ghost psychologist, ghost painter, ghost massage therapist… “Miss, please get dressed, I’m your teacher, don’t be shy.” In the vampire castle, Su Bai said solemnly to a vampire girl. “Beauty, please don’t worry, the doctor’s eyes don’t distinguish between men and women.” In the Necronomicon Hospital, Su Bai, who was doing a gynecological examination to a glamorous female zombie, said solemnly. “Madam, please respect my profession, I am a painter, I only sell my art, not my body…” In the Devil’s Manor, Su Bai had some headaches. No matter what profession he chose, his charm value was full. Even driving a taxi is molested by female ghosts. Can you still play the game? …


TitleHorror Resurgence: Ma’am, Please Respect My Profession
Raw Title恐怖复苏:夫人,请尊重我的职业(1-240)
Addition DateSeptember 7, 2022
AuthorDong Men Fei Xue
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TagsGhosts,Handsome Male Lead,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Jack of All Trades,Male Protagonist