Raising A Golden Crow In Secret偷偷养只小金乌

315 Chapters
2 Readers
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315 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Zuo Zhe:Yu

Novel Summary

Demon pets, demon soldiers, and demon warriors. In this bizarre world where everything can be a partner, Du Yu looked at Qian Zhihe with wings flapping in his palm, and couldn’t help falling into deep thought. Did she just say…she is from the Golden Crow? … Easy and funny, welcome to the pit. The works “Nine Stars Poisonous Milk” and “The Lord of Nine Stars” have been completed, and you are welcome to read them.


TitleRaising A Golden Crow In Secret
Raw Title偷偷养只小金乌
AuthorZuo Zhe:Yu
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All Time Rank#454
TagsMonster Tamer,Male Protagonist