People are in the moon, The Sims


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150 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Bao Ge Ge Zi Tang

Novel Summary

【Simulation starts】 [This is a winter in the fifth century AD] [The long hunt of the Winter Goddess is finally over, but her original home is no longer suitable for habitation. 】 [Finally one day my father made a decision. We boarded the boat and headed west, finally arriving at an island. 】 【We are——Saxons】 [The outsiders and conquerors of this land are also survivors trying to survive. 】 ---------- Qin Qiaosong is a traveler, but his soul has long been imprinted on the history of Xingyue. I am King Arthur's enemy, the wolf from the sea; I am the guide and the light of Hades; I am a compatriot of smoke-drunk Hassan, a person who failed to become "Hasan"; I am the younger brother of the Roman Emperor, and I perform "The Double" at the end of the show; I am the work of Love, the guardian of Pharaoh; ... Then one day I fought a Holy Grail War with only me.


TitlePeople are in the moon, The Sims
Raw Title人在型月,模拟人生(全本)
Addition DateNovember 17, 2023
AuthorBao Ge Ge Zi Tang
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TagsMale Protagonist,Reincarnation,Special Abilities,Time Travel