My liver skills in the military camp


611 Chapters
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611 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Yu Dong Liu

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[This is not a special military novel! It’s a military life article! The label is inexplicable] Ye Fei, who failed to start his business and lost his family fortune, was unable to save his seriously ill parents and could only watch his parents pass away! An accident sent Ye Fei back to twenty years ago, two months before he joined the army. Looking at the voices and looks of his parents, Ye Fei was overjoyed and secretly made a decision in his heart! This time, he wants to stay in the army and stand out! ... Many years later, Ye Fei said that shocking saying to reporters all over the world! Don’t say you didn’t predict what you said!


TitleMy liver skills in the military camp
Raw Title我在军营肝技能
Addition DateNovember 20, 2023
AuthorYu Dong Liu
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TagsArmy,Male Protagonist,Time Travel