Dragon Clan: Lu Mingfei’s Growth Life Simulator


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289 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Si Fei 2

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Shai Zai encountered something big enough to change his life in his first year of high school! At first, he thought that the big event was receiving an invitation from the literary club Chen Wenwen to join the club. Later, he realized that the "ding" sound in his ears that night was the biggest fork in the road of his life. Ding--! This simulation system is a second-person simulation, assisted by holographic simulation CG. It is committed to tapping the host's own potential and strength while building the host into a new era youth with independent spirit and sound intelligence, so as to save the original tragedy. The host is asked to select the world for the first simulation from the following choices: [1. April is your lie (low-level single world), the sweet love that disappears in April, you deserve it! 】 [2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (intermediate series world), a passionate journey filled with blood and blades, heavy breathing connecting the bonds, and the countless tragic songs that are coming, can it ignite the roar deep in your heart. 】 [3. Dragon Clan (Advanced Series World), in this world, the burning golden eyes face the soaring dragon. The night of rain and madness extinguishes the cowardice of young people. The flames sleeping on the bottom of the sea cannot ignite the brothers' thousand-year journey against the enemy, echoing in the underground. The sonorous clang killed the immature girl. The withered witch sleeping in the red well is waiting for someone to save her. Listen, the young man without regrets in the deep snow of Siberia is calling for the return of the king. 】 A few years later, Lu, the good man, Longzhu, the savior of the tragedy of all worlds, the strongest good student in Kassel, Mingfei faced the hole opening in the void and couldn't help but murmur, "Those simulated worlds are indeed real!"


TitleDragon Clan: Lu Mingfei’s Growth Life Simulator
Raw Title龙族:路明非的成长人生模拟器
Addition DateDecember 16, 2023
AuthorSi Fei 2
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