Douluo: Reborn Huo Yuhao, I am really not a succubus


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328 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Author:Lao Ni Ya

Novel Summary

The story is a timeline of Dou Yi! The original title of this book is "Douluo: Shura Huo Yuhao" [Passive Abuse 3] [Non-Shrek and the group flow] [All dressed up] [Shura + self-created god] In the soul master competition, Tang Hao looked at Huo Yuhao in front of him with horror in his eyes. "Monster! You are a monster!" Tang Hao, who was seriously injured and dying, had regret in his eyes, and cried to Tang San beside him "Son! I was wrong! I shouldn't have messed with that terrifying monster!" —— Facing the catastrophe that swept the entire God Realm, Huo Yuhao, the God of Emotions, followed the guidance and threw himself into the turbulence of time and space. When he opened his eyes again, he was already in the Douluo First Period, the same age as Tang San. When I came to the starting point of my destiny, I originally wanted to become a god with my friends in my previous life, but I never expected that I would be entangled by my mother-in-law Xiao Wu as soon as I entered school. Many years later, facing Pope Bibi Dong of Wuhun Palace, Tang San’s mother A Yin, and soul beast co-master Gu Yuena... Tianmeng Bingcan sighed softly: "Yuhao, why don't you just accept it..." Huo Yuhao exclaimed: "I am really not a succubus!" This is the story of a young man who has regained his mentality and charmed all living beings by relying on his personality charm. —— The road to the ultimate martial soul sublimation, Seize the opportunity to change your destiny. Rebirth to find the truth in Douluo Yi starts with inheriting the Shura divine throne.


TitleDouluo: Reborn Huo Yuhao, I am really not a succubus
Raw Title斗罗:重生霍雨浩,我真不是魅魔
Addition DateDecember 16, 2023
AuthorLao Ni Ya
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TagsMale Protagonist,Reincarnation,Douluo Dalu