Douluo: The Legend of the Dragon King: Throne of the Void


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217 Chapters · 37 Readers
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Douluo Dalu 3 Dragon King Legend fanfic The racial battle between soul beasts and humans, the plane battle between the abyss and Douluo, this is destined to be an era of constant strife, full of blood and chaos. Yu Nanyuan, who awakened the memory of his previous life, rose up here and suppressed countless prodigies of the same era. He was extremely talented and climbed onto the throne of the void that no one had ever set foot on before, breaking through the shackles and completely quelling the chaos in the world. Standing on the throne of the void, a pair of eyes penetrated the endless void, and there was only determination and determination. His mission was not over yet. All this will start from the coastal city of Donghai City... Genius has many interesting stories with female protagonists. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Among the protagonists in Douluo Tetralogy, I have the most favorable impression of Tang Wulin, and I will not target Tang Wulin. Of course, since they are all the same person, the protagonist will definitely overshadow Tang Wulin's glory.


  • Douluo: The Legend of the Dragon King: Throne of the Void
  • 斗罗:龙王传说之虚空王座
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