Wow! The explosion rate is really high


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539 Chapters · 27 Readers
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Author:Qi Feng De Mi Dian

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Good news, the game is now live. Bad news, other players play games and I get played by games. The server of "Galaxy OL" that Bai E had reserved was finally launched, but he found that he had become a cannon fodder android in the game world. High-dimensional demons, endless insect swarms, omnic crisis... Cosmic pollution is raging, and Bai'e even has to face another fourth natural disaster - players. Faced with these things, even the soul cannot rest in peace after death. Finding a place to bury yourself first is the safest way to die. Wait, what is this? [Lucky hit: ten times the critical hit, full explosion rate, 999 with one blow! Current charge: 100/100 (Note: All equipment depends on explosion, all free trade.)] Bai E: "At first I refused to survive in this galaxy world full of crises, but then I gave it a try, wow! The explosion rate is really high!" (ps: Players who are cut off from leeks can also have a process they love. Let’s play a game, the protagonist, the players, us...)


TitleWow! The explosion rate is really high
Raw Title哇!爆率真的很高
Addition DateDecember 19, 2023
AuthorQi Feng De Mi Dian
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TagsGame Elements,Male Protagonist,Outer Space,Transmigration