Marvel becomes a knight starting from Drive


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540 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Pian Ren De Zuo Shou

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"Mr. Belt, do you want to regain a body that can move freely?" "Nani, are you kidding me?" "Of course not, I'm serious." In Women's Federation 2, Mu En quietly replaced Jarvis who was supposed to be imported into Vision's body with Kurim. "That red guy, you're speeding!" Tony Stark stood in front of many reporters at the press conference. Mu En watched the TV and felt a little excited. "Is it finally coming! He is about to say the line that changes the fate of Marvel." Stark looked at the camera and smiled confidently. "I am Iron Man, Kamen Rider Iron Man." After that, he took out a red belt. In an instant, Mu En was petrified. This world is too crazy.


TitleMarvel becomes a knight starting from Drive
Raw Title漫威从Drive开始当骑士(全本)
Addition DateDecember 29, 2023
AuthorPian Ren De Zuo Shou
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TagsAlternate World,Male Protagonist,Transmigration,Marvel