Extraordinary David (Transcendent David)超凡大卫

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1321 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Chi Gua Zi Qun Zhong

Novel Summary

This novel is also known as Transcendent David“Shadow Aide, look at what these are?” “A bunch of entry-level knowledge spheres, am I a garbage dump?” David blamed the shadow attendant floating beside him. The shadow attendant’s flushed face showed the master that he was working very hard. The boundless starry sky, the waiter of God, the collision of civilization, the invincible battleship, the terrifying zerg, the extraordinary life, the humble mortal, a new era opened. - Description from Qidian


TitleExtraordinary David (Transcendent David)
Raw Title超凡大卫
Addition DateSeptember 13, 2022
AuthorChi Gua Zi Qun Zhong
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All Time Rank#208
TagsAbility Steal,Adventurers,Aggressive Characters,Alchemy,Appearance Changes,Aristocracy,Artifact Crafting,Bloodlines,Cheats,Corruption,Cosmic Wars,Dragons,Evil Gods,Famous Protagonist,Fantasy World,Game Elements,Gate to Another World,Genius Protagonist,Godly Powers,Hackers,Hard-Working Protagonist,Hidden Abilities,Hiding True Identity,Human Experimentation,Jack of All Trades,Long Separations,Long-distance Relationship,Lucky Protagonist,Military,Multiple Identities,Nobles,Outer Space,Pets,Politics,Race Change,Romantic Subplot,Ruthless Protagonist,Secret Organizations,Skill Assimilation,Soul Power,Special Abilities,Weak to Strong,Sword And Magic,Transmigration,World Tree