Mage? Spell Engineer!


250 Chapters
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250 Chapters · 22 Readers
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Author:Gu Liu Huang Gua

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The gods are silent, their church bells ring in the world; Miracles shine, and thirteen towers stand on all sides of the continent. The fires of the dwarves burst out, forging the best weapons in the world; The arrows of elves travel through the forest and sea, guarding the broken home; Human beings, the believers favored by the gods and the race favored by magic, fight for hegemony in the vastest land. The seemingly endless epic suddenly accelerated, Maybe it’s because engineering dogs have broken into this world. Having experienced the beauty and legend of this land, Witnessed the pain and poverty that abounds in the world, Rorschach thought of his first lesson at university before time travel and said to himself: “Tiankeng majors can all create a better life. Magic must work too! "


TitleMage? Spell Engineer!
Raw Title法师?法术工程师!
Addition DateJanuary 5, 2024
AuthorGu Liu Huang Gua
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TagsFantasy World,Magic,Male Protagonist,Modern Knowledge,Transmigration