The Magic Healer in the Another world异世药神

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1449 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:An Mo Shi

Novel Summary

The well-known and recognized throughout the Stern continent, strong and mighty, as well as the unique Wizard of magic cures, the most outstanding genius of the whole continent, Jason got into the flow of time, back in the uncivilized era during the first failed experiment, 3000 years ago. This was the period when the magic healers didn’t exist. How will Jason apply his knowledge in this backward era, wherever he reach the peak of glory?


TitleThe Magic Healer in the Another world
Raw Title异世药神
Addition DateDecember 1, 2022
AuthorAn Mo Shi
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TagsAcademy,Adapted to Anime,Alchemy,Ancient Times,Arrogant Characters,Body Tempering,Calm Protagonist,Clever Protagonist,Cold Protagonist,Complex Family Relationships,European Ambience,Familial Love,Fantasy World,Fast Cultivation,Hard-Working Protagonist,Healers,Kingdoms,Magic,Male Protagonist,Reincarnation,Romantic Subplot,Transmigration,Transported to Another World