The Infinite Journey of the Sage


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783 Chapters · 31 Readers
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"Mr. Kelar, do you have time after class?" Hermione asked the silver-haired Defense Against the Dark Arts professor with a shy, shy and expectant look on her face while holding her thick textbook. road. "Hey, you guy, make some more bento boxes." Misaka Mikoto put her hands on her waist and looked at the silver-haired store manager of the convenience store menacingly. "You are the man I must conquer!" Cornelia stepped on the silver-haired man's chest with her purple high heels and said with full force. "My prince! Are you willing to accompany me to the battlefield again?!" The blond knight king seemed to have returned to the time when he was seventeen years old and extended his hand to the silver-haired man. "Um, Mr. Kelal, can you accompany me for a while?" Sword Girl asked gently. There will probably also be old animations such as Gundam SEED, Magical Girl Nanoha, and Magical Teacher Negi.

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  • The Infinite Journey of the Sage
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