Treasure Hunt all over the World寻宝全世界

3351 Chapters
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3351 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Xing Zou De Lu

Novel Summary

Ye Tian, who was in desperate situation, found that the world in his eyes had changed, becoming radiant and dazzling! Antiques, famous paintings, gold, diamonds, and jewellery are all available at your fingertips! The pirate treasures of Cocos Island, the Nazi gold in the depths of the ocean, the Mayan civilization in the jungle, the secrets of King Solomon, the disappearing Atlantis,…. They are no longer mysterious, but completely opened the door, just waiting for Ye Tian to explore and discover. What are you waiting for? set off!


TitleTreasure Hunt all over the World
Raw Title寻宝全世界
Addition DateSeptember 14, 2022
AuthorXing Zou De Lu
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TagsAggressive Characters,Ancient Times,Arranged Marriage,Cunning Protagonist,Devoted Love Interests,Evil Religions,Eye Powers,Familial Love,Gangs,Gunfighters,Hidden Abilities,Hunters,Lack of Common Sense,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Money Grubber,Mystery Solving,Poor to Rich,Pregnancy,Racism,Ruthless Protagonist,Strong Love Interests,Wealthy Characters