Extracting Myriad Realms from HxH


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505 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Rocky, who traveled to the world of full-time hunters, extracted the S-rank character King Asakura Ye after the first task, and extracted all the abilities of King Asakura Ye. So a series of tasks began. Main quest, become a hunter, investigate the Phantom Brigade, clear the island of greed, defeat the ant king, and make Jin Flix the president. Side quests, kill Hisoka, kill Ilmi, get rid of the Phantom Brigade, assassinate *Tro, and be the enemy of the whole world... The completion of the task is to reward the abilities or items of the super characters who are all over the world. However, when faced with the task selection, Rocky smiled, "Children only make choices, adults want all of them, and don't even think about running away from all the task rewards!"


  • Extracting Myriad Realms from HxH
  • 从全职开始提取万界(1-804)
Addition DateMarch 14, 2024
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