The Third Reich第三帝国

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1808 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Hua Dong Zhi Xiong

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The Medal of Blood, the Medal of Honor and Loyalty, brought Wang Weiguo to the beer hall and participated in this riot that stirred up the whole of Germany! The invincible war summoning system will follow! Imperial tanks are not practical? Then summon the T-34 drawing out! Not yet? Is T-44 enough? T-54 unhappy? Shelling armor-piercing projectiles, composite armor, all loaded on the Imperial tank! The empire’s army is somewhat small? Well, watch me summon a powerful army of soldiers! Report, Mussolini is dead! Well, this matter is a bit difficult, it seems that only a puppet can be summoned! This is a World War II text that respects history, and it is also a cool text with a system!


TitleThe Third Reich
Raw Title第三帝国
Addition DateSeptember 18, 2022
AuthorHua Dong Zhi Xiong
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TagsAlternate World,Army Building,Charismatic Protagonist,Clever Protagonist,Cosmic Wars,Cunning Protagonist,Empires,European Ambience,Generals,Genius Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Male Protagonist,Pregnancy,Racism