Unseen Immortal of Three Hundred Years不见上仙三百年

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Author:Mu Su Li

Novel Summary

Tens of thousands of demons in this world roam; half call the city of Zhaoye home. As for the other half, they’ve all died in the Canglang Northern Territory controlled by the Tianxiu Immortal Xiao Fuxuan. Only one demon has been imprisoned for twenty-five years and still lives—the lord of Zhaoye City, Wu Xingxue.


TitleUnseen Immortal of Three Hundred Years
Raw Title不见上仙三百年
Addition DateSeptember 27, 2022
AuthorMu Su Li
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TagsAdapted to Manhua,Amnesia,Ancient Times,Cold Love Interests,Comedic Undertone,Cultivation,Devoted Love Interests,Doting Love Interests,Hiding True Identity,Immortals,Multiple Timelines,Mysterious Past,Mystery Solving,Playful Protagonist,Power Couple,Shameless Protagonist,Time Travel,Unconditional Love