Doupo: Life Simulator


657 Chapters
55 Readers
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657 Chapters · 55 Readers
3.7(6 reviews)
Author:Yun Hai Zhong De Yu

Novel Summary

Crossing the sky, you don’t have a prominent background, you don’t have a grandfather ring, and you only have a little talent. What would you do? Fortunately, Xiao Ming awakened the life simulator! [Life Simulator is on:] [You have lived an ordinary life. ] [Extracting talent items] [Currently available: Qinglian Earth Heart Fire, Melting Flame, Evil Poison Body] [Please select one] Every seven days, you can choose to extract one of the talent items from a simulation. At this point, Xiao Ming began his ordinary life. ps: The protagonist has a good talent and does not rely entirely on the simulator.


TitleDoupo: Life Simulator
Raw Title斗破之人生模拟器
Addition DateSeptember 27, 2022
AuthorYun Hai Zhong De Yu
Weekly Rank#2083
Monthly Rank#695
All Time Rank#209
TagsCheats,Child Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Orphans,System,Transmigration,Weak to Strong