Congratulations You Are Under Arrest!


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And the country, New Tokyo. Higashinohara, who wears his soul, only wants to live a quiet life without being disturbed, but [Crime Manual] accidentally appears in his mind. If you arrest the criminal, you can get attribute points and random rewards. What? Can't you do it? According to the criminal star of the prisoner, you can enjoy the free distribution of temporary attribute points (mission Buff) when arresting. The poorer the prisoner, the more vicious the evil the prisoner is! The harder my Buff is! The fruits of mysterious ability, powerful swords, and various sequences of equivalences have all been transformed into magic rewards on the [Cevil Manual]... Police Department: These extrajudicial maniacs are simply crazy, extremely vicious, full of evil...!!! Higashinohara: I mean... Is there anything worse?! ... ... The following is the protagonist's self-introduction: My name is Higashinohara, a 16-year-old high school student. I'm unmarried. I boarded at Aragaki Detective Office, Ogawacho, Edogawa District, New Tokyo. After high school, I worked as a discipline committee member of the Academy City. I cooperated with the Academy City Guard to arrest the offender and didn't go home until 8 p.m. When I get home, I will exercise with my fingers upside down for an hour and taste different brands of canned coffee before going to bed, just after recalling some subtle differences, just like recalling the criminals who fell into my hands. I will fall asleep on time at 11 o'clock. Everyone says that my work and rest is very regular and healthy. But it's a little ashamed to say. Recently, in my mind, It seems that something strange has appeared....

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  • Congratulations You Are Under Arrest!
  • 恭喜你被逮捕了
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