Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously开局地摊卖大力

3026 Chapters
44 Readers
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3026 Chapters · 44 Readers
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Author:Yi Qing Feng

Novel Summary

The earth has entered the era of aura recovery, and human beings have started their supernatural awakening! Jiangnan suddenly awakened the strongest stall system. Potion? Detoxification soybeans? Lucky cherries? In short of supply! The world’s top gods, richest men, beautiful school girls, popular anchors, cold goddesses, and peak powers have all come to buy. Jiangnan: “I’m not interested in making billions of dollars! I just want to pit… Uh, my wish is for world peace!”


TitleOpen a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously
Raw Title开局地摊卖大力
Addition DateAugust 8, 2022
AuthorYi Qing Feng
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Monthly Rank#344
All Time Rank#143
TagsAbandoned Children,Animal Characteristics,Battle Academy,Battle Competition,Beast Companions,Beautiful Female Lead,Charming Protagonist,Hackers,Handsome Male Lead,Male Protagonist,Military,Modern Day,Money Grubber,Nationalism,Orphans,Pets,Polygamy,Shameless Protagonist,Spatial Manipulation,Special Abilities,System