Reborn As the School Hunk’s Dearest Daughter


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776 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Nan Feng Lai

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Haicheng Fu Pei was so violent, stubborn and mad, no one dared to approach him until one day there was a little girl beside him. The little girl’s icy muscles and bones, red lips and white teeth, was terribly obedient, and Chengri wrapped around behind him and whispered, “No smoking, no fighting, no swearing!” When everyone saw someone who was always fierce, they coaxed the little girl in a low voice like a good grandson, “Don’t you fucking cry, I just listen to you!” Heartbroken, a group of girls cried and asked the little girl how to turn a hundred-strength steel into a soft method. The little girl rolled her eyes: because he is my own father! _ Once reborn, Fu Ting returned to twenty years ago. At this time, her actor father was still a teenager in the school, and he had not died because of a terminal illness. Fu Ting decided to redeem the tragedy and let her father embark on the road of social righteous successor ahead of time, and lead her to a life of spending money early. _ Mr. Xingui Cen from the capital, breeze Jiyue, refrained from abstinence, everyone thought that this heavenly immortal would not touch the mortal heart. Later, a reporter photographed him and Fu Pei going in and out, which immediately made a sensation in the entertainment industry. #burst! Actor Fu Pei and Cen Juan have a deep sadomasochistic relationship, and they stabbed a knife on the surface to be privately affectionate! # Cen Juan Weibo: This is my old husband @Fupei Fu Pei forwarded: My son-in-law, get to know @Centien After Fu Pei tweeted his Weibo with tears, he turned around and beaten Cen Tire. This dog kidnapped Lao Tzu’s daughter, and Lao Tzu wiped his ass! Whole network:? ? ? Is the painting style a bit crooked from the transition of socialist brotherhood to the filial piety of father and son?


TitleReborn As the School Hunk’s Dearest Daughter
Raw Title重生成校草的亲闺女
Addition DateSeptember 29, 2022
AuthorNan Feng Lai
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TagsComplex Family Relationships,Doting Parents,Familial Love,Female Protagonist,Genius Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Time Travel